K60 Pro GPS Drone With Camera 6K 4K Brushless Single Axis Pan Tilt RC Drone Quadcopter With Camera Profesion For Kid Adults Gift|RC Quadcopter|


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K60 Pro GPS Drone With Camera
6K 4K Brushless Single Axis Pan Tilt RC Quadrocopter 5G Wifi Drone


  • 1. k60pro
    drone is equipped with 6K ultra-high-definition pixels.And can resist the
    eighth level of gale. Even if you lose control, the drone can go home

  • 2. The product
    itself is made of ABS plastic. Enhanced drop resistance

  • 3. GPS
    intelligent positioning technology can accurately lock the flight position.
    We apply GPS satellite precision return technology to drones. Regardless of
    signal strength. Can fly unhindered. It can return home uncontrollably, with
    low power consumption and long distances.

  • 4. The
    brushless motor increases the flying power of the drone

  • 5. 6K Ultra HD
    aerial photography: 6K movie-level HD aerial photography. The images restore
    the real scenery, the colors are rich and vivid, and the pictures are more
    real and natural, allowing you to enjoy the fun of shooting.

  • 6, 6K pixels +
    HDR high-definition picture quality.More detailed recording information and
    dynamic contrast recovery, more detailed image quality.Make your aerial
    photography creation more free and take film-level photos more easily

  • 7. 50x focus:
    equipped with a new generation of advanced lens zoom technology, you can
    zoom in and zoom out through the remote control to shoot or watch aerial
    images in flight, so you can see more clearly. Able to lock the target at a
    long distance, and can clearly take photos of the desired scenery

  • 8. 5G
    high-definition image transmission: advanced 5G image transmission
    technology, the transmission picture is smooth and clear, you can watch
    high-definition aerial images in real time on your mobile phone, feel the
    world from different angles, and experience the perspective of God! 5G wifi
    signal, strong anti-interference, clear and smooth image, can realize
    long-distance transmission.

  • 9. Automatic
    tracking: In GPS positioning mode, control the drone to fly within 2 meters
    of the controller, and then turn on the automatic tracking function, that
    is, automatically track the movement of the controller. Turn on the aerial
    photography function to realize automatic aerial photography.

  • 10. Fly
    around: Use the remote control as the flight center to fly in a 360-degree
    circle, you can open the high-definition aerial photography function at the
    same time, and you can also shoot various styles of exquisite video flight

  • 11. Ballistic
    flight: call the mobile phone to control the drone. And draw the trajectory.
    The drone will fly according to the prescribed trajectory, and can take
    photos and videos

  • 12. Brushless
    motor: brushless power, STRONG-ER than carbon brush motor. The UAV is
    equipped with four high-efficiency and energy-saving brushless motors,
    high-efficiency speed, strong power and energy saving, and reasonable
    deployment, so that the flying resistance of the UAV can be as high as 8.

  • 13. Tracking
    mode: the intelligent visual recognition system can realize the humanoid
    tracking function, the drone can lock and track the target, and easily take
    difficult aerial photography

  • 14. “Equipped
    with VR, 3D experience”
    Open the VR mode through the APP equipped with VR glasses, you can see the
    migratory birds and the real 3D view
    Watch the aerial images of the flight and feel the immersive experience.


  • 1. Air
    pressure setting. Steady hover

  • 2. Large
    capacity battery: smart modular battery

  • 3. USB
    high-quality interface

  • 4. Equipped
    with 5G HZ, strong anti-interference ability, long-distance transmission,
    clear and smooth picture

  • 6. Size:
    Folding size: 14*8.8*6cm
    Extended size: 26*25*6cm

  • 7. Flight
    time: 30 minutes

  • 8. Flying
    distance: 1.2km

  • 9. FVP image
    return distance: 1km

  • 10. Camera
    Video: 2592 * 1520 P
    Picture: 6144 * 3456 P

  • 11. Remote
    control frequency: 5.8G HZ

  • 12. Charging
    time: 120 minutes

  • 13. Battery
    capacity: 7.4V 3000mAH battery


  • Airplane * 1

  • Remote control
    * 1

  • Spare fan
    blade * 4

  • USB Charging
    Cable * 1

  • Screwdriver *

  • Lithium
    battery * 1/2/3

  • Storage bag *


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