GD89 Max Brushless Gps Drone Aerial Photography 6K Hd Wide Angle Professional Quadcopter ESC Camera Fixed Height Foldable Drone|Camera Drones|


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2020 NEW Brushless GPS Remote Control Drone Aerial Photography 6K HD Professional


  • Dual camera switching, fixed height function, foldable aircraft, six pass with
    gyroscope; take-off, landing, ascent and descent, forward and backward, left and
    right side flying, steering, headless mode, module battery, GPS satellite
    positioning, fixed-point hover, route Planning, surround points of interest,
    intelligent follow, one-button return to home, low battery or automatic return
    to home after losing signal (with camera can add functions: gesture photography,
    video, headless mode, emergency stop, trajectory flight, gravity sensor,
    automatic photography
  • GPS returns to the take-off point with one button, returns to the air with low
    power, and returns without signal.
  • GPS smart car following: After the aircraft is connected to the GPS, the APP
    following the car function is enabled, and the aircraft follows the mobile
  • Automatically recognize the aircraft from 5 meters and track the flight.
  • Gesture shooting recognition: within the range of 1-5 meters from the aircraft,
    make a camera gesture/camera gesture to the camera.
  • Multi-point flight planning on route: The aircraft flies autonomously according
    to the preset route, and the player concentrates on shooting.
  • Fixed-point orbit: Find the center point around and use the joystick to move the
    desired orbit radius.
  • Aircraft recovery function: Click the GPS signal icon 3 times to open the map
    interface, the map displays the final distance, latitude and longitude position
    of the aircraft.

Product parameters:

Product configuration parameters
“Barometer: GPS/Barometric Pressure
“Receiving method: 2.4G
“Rotating angle camera: 45°
“Smart lithium battery capacity: 3.7V 1700mah
“Remote control distance (no interference, no obstruction): 150m
“Flight time: About 15 min
“Charging time: About 3 hours
“Charging method: USB (5V/2A)
“Expanded body size: 28*20*5cm
“Package weight
“Ascent/descent, forward/backward, turn left/right, fly left/right
Air pressure fixed height. GPS positioning, geomagnetic/headless mode,
Path planning, surround points of interest, return home with one key, follow
protection: low battery protection (automatic return home) out of
control protection (lost signal automatic return) 4K ESC camera, front
vision obstacle avoidance, modular camera + battery”

Package includes:

Storage box*1
Wind leaf*2
Charging cable*1
Remote control*1
Battery *1
Protective frame*4


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