BOBOVR M2 Halo Strap For Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap Handle Grip C2 Storage Case F2 Active Air Cover Protection for Quest 2|3D Glasses/ Virtual Reality Glasses|


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BOBOVR M2 Halo Strap For Oculus Quest 2 VR Devices Strap Handle Grip Case Storage Box Protection VR Headset Accessories


1.High quality material:This kind of BOBOVR M2 Strap for Oculus quest2 is made of high quality PC material, which is sturdy and durable, Strong toughness, you can use it for a long time.

2.Ergonomic design:This M2 Strap for Oculus quest2 accords with human body engineering design, which is breathable, comfortable for you to wear.

3.Soft and breathable leather:The leather pad is designed with sticker that is convenient for you to replace and use, making your use easier.

4.Multi-point adjustable:you can adjust the headset angle back and forth, and adjust the headset height up and down according to your need, which is flexible according to your different kinds of postures.

5.Average gravity distribution:This kind of headband could help to balance the weight of the headset, making you feel comfortable, and the strap is easy to install and detach.

Good news! The BOBOVR M2 head wear is upgraded!

updated version:

Note: The package from Russia will be the old version, from China will be the updated version.

BOBOVR F2 Breathable Face Cover for Oculus Quest 2 Air Circulation Relieve Fogging Facial Cover Pad


Adapted to oculus quest2, Includes a replace the Official Facial Interface and a rechargeable micro silent ventilation host,Replace face cover and face pad

1)Active ventilation system: equipped with a micro turbo fan, which can quickly exhaust the air in the mask, prevent the lens from fogging, and relieve heat accumulation.

2)2 levels of air volume are adjustable. In the high mode, The air in the Facial interface can circulate more than 30 times in 1 minute.

3)Rechargeable design(Type-c interface charging is the same as the official charging interface of quest2), can work continuously for 3-5 hours when fully charged.

4)Anti-Leakage Nose Pad.Adopts a flexible bending design, which can block most of the light through the bridge of the nose.

5)Use softer PU leather and foam padding, which is easy to clean and keep dry. The whole design is to increase your comfort and extend the use time.

Dual Handles Gamepad


1. Enhanced Beat game experience: The dual expansion handles are specially designed for Oculus Quest, for Quest 2 or for Rift s controllers. You can play beat games, giving players the feeling of holding a light bar in a cutting box. Enhanced VR experience.
2. Firmly Install: The fixing method of the controller and the extended handle is fixed by a hook-and-loop strap, which is very firm. Even if the extended handle is shaken with force, there is no need to worry about the controller flying out.
3. Avoid Falling: The protective rope can prevent the extension handle from accidentally falling, so you can play with confidence.
4. Soft and Comfortable Grip: The contact part between the extension handle and the palm is made of high-quality sponge, which is very soft and comfortable, can absorb sweat, prevent slippage, and stabilize the grip.

Size: 7*4.6*4cm
Material: ABS and Sponge

Note: not included Oculus Quest 2 and Controllers

Oculus quest 2 Barbed protective cover and barbed handle protective cover


1、High Compatibility: This shell is specially designed for Oculus-Quest 2 VR gaming headset, easy to install.
2、Good Protection: Protect your headset front camera and enhance your sight. Protect your headset front camera from scratches and tipping.
3、Easy Cleaning: It can be anti-sweat, anti-light leakage, washable, easy to clean and use.
4、Comfortable Experience: Scratch-resistant, dust-proof, and shock-proof. Make you feel more enjoyable during your game.
5、Durable Material: Made of environmental silicone, comfortable to touch, safe and hygienic, non-irritating to the skin.

BOBOVR C2 Portable Carrying Case

1.The C2 carrying case specially designed for Quest2 and BOBOVR M2 has high compatibility and large storage space.

2.Compatible with all all-in-one VR glasses (except htc vive series, htc vive headset is too big for BOBOVR C2 case)
3. Compatible with official Elite headbands and various types of straps (except DAS straps).As long as the height of the headband is less than 15cm (6 inches), you can put it in.

4. 6.5mm thick EVA material, with a pebble shape, which is resistant to fall, impact, dust and splash, and better protects your Quest2.

5.The inside of the case is reasonably divided into multiple areas, which can accommodate the Quest2 host and controller equipped with a big head strap, and is equipped with a storage bag, which can be loaded into the data cable/charging head, etc.

Size: 380mmX242mmX160mm / 15 in X9.5 inX6.3 in


Note:This storage bag is only suitable for VR glasses, not BOBOVR M2.


1. A storage bag specially designed for Quest 2 advanced all-in-one virtual reality headset (not including equipment).
2. The hard shell is made of high-quality EVA, and the inside is made of EVA inner pad material, which provides comprehensive protection against scratches, impact, sunlight and splashes.
3. The sponge mold helps keep your for Quest 2, safe, and the internal storage bag serves as a storage space for small accessories such as power cords, allowing you to easily carry it with you.
4. The double zipper design for Quest 2 case allows you to easily access VR headsets and accessories.
5. Comfortable handle and wide shoulder strap design, easy to carry your equipment out.

Applicable model: for Oculus Quest 2
Material: EVA



1.The surface is covered with PU material, which is waterproof and dust-proof.
2.High security.can effectively protect your VR devices from scratches, shockproof, good shock resistance.
3. Super portable. Hard-shell VR protective box is equipped with shoulder strap and VR eye pad, double zipper and rubber handle design. The VR control device is easy to store and take out, and the protective box is easy to carry.
Applicable to: for Oculus Quest/for Quest2

Note: This bag can hold Oculus Quest VR and M2 Halo Strap at the same time


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