BOBOVR F2 for Oculus Quest2 Active Air Fan No Fog Facial Interface Face Pad Relieve Fogging M2 Pro Strap B2 Battery Pack C2 Case|3D Glasses/ Virtual Reality Glasses|


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BOBOVR F2 for Oculus Quest 2 Active Air Fan No fog Facial Interface Replace Face Pad Relieve Lens Fogging M2 Elite Halo Strap for Oculus Quest2


Adapted to oculus quest2, Includes a replace the Official Facial Interface and a rechargeable micro silent ventilation host,Replace face cover and face pad

1)Active ventilation system: equipped with a micro turbo fan, which can quickly exhaust the air in the mask, prevent the lens from fogging, and relieve heat accumulation.

2)2 levels of air volume are adjustable. In the high mode, The air in the Facial interface can circulate more than 30 times in 1 minute.

3)Rechargeable design(Type-c interface charging is the same as the official charging interface of quest2), can work continuously for 3-5 hours when fully charged.

4)Anti-Leakage Nose Pad.Adopts a flexible bending design, which can block most of the light through the bridge of the nose.

5)Use softer PU leather and foam padding, which is easy to clean and keep dry. The whole design is to increase your comfort and extend the use time.

Product: BOBOVR F2

Air volume: 0.9-1.1CFM

Gear position: 2 speed adjustable

Charging interface: Type-C, DC 5.0V±0.3V/200mA;

Battery: Lithium polymer battery, 3.7V/300mAh;

Charging time: =2.5 hours;

Standby time 0 gear: about 120 days;

Battery life first gear: about 4.5 hours;

2 gears of battery life: about 3.5 hours;

Charging: The red light is on when charging, and the red light is off when it is fully charged;

Operation: the white light is on during operation;

Locked-rotor protection: locked-rotor will automatically shut down and start automatically after 1 second;

Overcharge protection: support

Over discharge protection: support

Overcurrent protection: support

Short circuit protection: support

Glasses support: support

Packing size 190×114×99mm (7.49×4.49×3.90inch)

1)Soft skin-friendly texture

2)Silicone shading design

3)Active air circulation

4)Rechargeable design

5)Can Relieve Fogging

Note: VR glasses are not included in the package!!!

BOBOVR M2 Halo Strap


1.Made for Oculus Quest 2 VR headset,this ergonomic design Elite head strap perfectly solves the problem of squeezing the face. Also it is stronger and will not break easily.

2.Soft and breathable leather:The leather pad is designed with sticker that is convenient for you to replace and use, making your use easier

3.Adjustable Design:The Elite Strap Adaptor adopts a rotatable adjustment method, so that each head can find a comfortable angle.Flexible and adjustable,making you more comfortable.

4.Easy to Install:Easy to install and disassemble, which is convenient to replace, the head frame can effectively reduce and balance the gravity pressure, and make you feel more comfortable.

5.Average gravity distribution:This kind of headband could help to balance the weight of the headset, making you feel comfortable, and the strap is easy to install and detach.


Head size adjustment range:48-64mm

Backrest adjustment:YES

Relative distance adjustment with product:YES

Adjust the tilt angle relative to the product:YES

Product Folded size:225×170×110mm

Product unfolded size:290×170×110mm

Good news! The BOBOVR M2 head wear is upgraded!

updated version:


The package from Russia will be the old version, from China will be the updated version.

VR glasses are not included in the package!!!

BOBOVR M2pro Strap For Oculus Quest 2

What is BOBOVR M2 Pro?

BOBOVR M2 Pro is a battery head strap designed for Oculus Quest 2.
√ 5200mAh battery. 3h working time for Oculus Quest 2.

√ magnetic detachable battery pack.Easy installation.Two battery packs can achieve unlimited battery life (the second battery needs to be purchased separately)
√ Multi-point adjustment,reduce head pressure. Weight 1:1, balance the weight of the front and back.
√ Upgrade the head cushion. The upgraded version of the cushion increases the contact area and is more comfortable to wear.
√ High quality materials
head Size:460-620mm(18.2-24.4inch)
Charging method:Magnetic removable battery pack
Input,Output:DC5V,3A MAX
Battery Type:LiBattery
Battery energy :3.7V/5200mAh,19.24wh
Rated Capacity :5V/1.5A.3200mA
0-100% charging time :About 3 hours
0-80%charging time :About 2 hours
Auto shutdown :When there is no external charging,it will automatically shut down within 40 seconds;
Safety protection:Support overcharge protection,overdischarge protection,overcurent protection,short circuit protection,high and
low temperature protection
Working temperature: 0C-40C

Multi-point adjustment,reduce head pressure. 

Weight 50:50, balance the weight of the front and back.

Magnetic detachable battery pack.Easy installation.

130g 5200mAh Magneticbattery pack.

3h working time for Oculus Quest 2.

Type-c interface

Magnetic Quick-Release Design

Two battery packs can achieve unlimited battery life (the second battery needs to be purchased separately)

Upgrade the head cushion.

The upgraded version of the cushion increases the contact area and is more comfortable to wear.

High toughness polymer material

reduce the risk of fracture

BOBOVR B2, spare battery for BOBOVR M2 Pro:


Battery: Lithium battery

Battery capacity: 5200mAH

operating hours:

Rated voltage: 5V

0-100% charging time :About 3 hours

0-80%charging time :About 2 hours

Auto shutdown :When there is no external charging,it will automatically shut down within 40 seconds;

Safety protection:Support overcharge protection,overdischarge protection,overcurent protection,short circuit protection,high and

low temperature protection

Working temperature: 0C-40C

Features for BOBOVR C2 Carrying Case:

1.BOBOVR C2 compatible with official Elite headbands and various types of straps (except DAS straps).As long as the height of the headband is less than 15cm (6 inches), you can put it in.

2.The C2 carrying case compatible with all all-in-one VR glasses (except htc vive series, htc vive headset is too big for BOBOVR C2 case)

3.The inside of the case is reasonably divided into multiple areas, which can accommodate the Quest2 host and controller equipped with a big head strap, and is equipped with a storage bag, which can be loaded into the data cable/charging head, etc.

4. 6.5mm thick EVA material, with a pebble shape, which is resistant to fall, impact, dust and splash, and better protects your Quest2

5.The C2 carrying case specially designed for Quest2 and BOBOVR M2 has high compatibility and large storage space.

Size: 380mmX242mmX160mm / 15 in X9.5 inX6.3 in


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